Logo and Graphic Design

Logo & Graphic Design.  Makes you stand out in the Crowd!

Your brand must convey personality and character that is done best with great Logo Design & Graphic Design. It is a first impression a customer  gets of your company and inevitably defines his future relation with you. When creating a new brand, a “nice logo” isn’t enough. It has to communicate adequately to your target audience. Your brand is much more than your logo or a business card, it’s all the perceptions and images that represent your business. The way your business is perceived will significantly affect the volume of your business and the type of customers you attract. We are passionate about the design of your brand and put our expertise at your disposal to make the image of your company in line with your values.

Our Logo Design & Branding are about interpreting a brand through as an iconic business and great graphic design is a very important part of the process. But before placing anything on paper or a pixel, it is important to consider where it will appear and who will see it. Our Logo Design & Branding team appreciate the importance of a logo for the success of a brand, so we always consult with our clients and conduct research before starting our design process.

From analysis to a pencil sketch, we capture all those concepts and make them clear to your customers. Our logos stand out for their quality, elegance and attention in every detail. We seek excellence in logo designing and offer creative work that guarantees the complete satisfaction of each one of our clients.

We can build your brand identity with an original logo. The logos play a very important role starting from the first moment, in having your customers identify and connect with your brand. Your Logo Design & Branding determine how you are perceived. We know how to advise you when designing your logo to maximize its impact.

Creation and Innovation are two main factors that differentiate our creations from the lot. A fine balance in our creative process gives rise to distinctive brand images that have character, class and time. Whether to create a concept from scratch or create from already established tags, we will adapt to your budget and your goals.

Many Logo Design & Branding Services pop up everywhere, which does not always make your choices easy, but to find the right expertise which suits your business need is very rare. It’s our unique approach that establishes a solid foundation for all visual aspects of your company. Our keen marketing sense drives each of our projects because, after all, our success depends on yours!

A strong image cannot be imitated

We do not just build brands, we build relationships

Our work begins with the study of the specific requirements of your brand, based on the information you provide us. From there, we collect all the information available about your target market, the elements of your company and the specific factors in your environment that can influence the success of your brand. We design your corporate image in a way that allows you to develop your business.

Our main emphasis is designing that pumps our heart. We take care of your corporate image and branding that create the spark and interaction with the consumer.

Our Logo Design Process Add Value

Our comprehensive logo design strategy ensures a perfectly crafted logo for your business.

We kick-off logo design projects with some effective conversations with you. We aim to learn as much as possible about your company culture, values and the way they do business, and then add that message where ever it’s necessary while designing a logo.

Developing the logo design concept is where creativity kicks in. Based on the design brief and research conducted, this is where we let our ideas run wild. We brainstorm and sketch down our ideas and then experiment with them on the computer. We take time to design your logos so that we can reflect our dedication on the job at hand.

After sketching number of  logos, we select our top 1 and transfer the selected sketch into a digital form, using high-powered scanners and vector software, we begin perfecting each logo in pixel form. Once the logo designs are complete, we share our work with you for feedback. This is where the real fun begins.

We hand pick the selected logo concepts and provide you with a number of color variations based upon information from the creative brief and research. The presentation is then updated to add color versions, and you will choose accordingly. In exceptional cases the colors are included with logo design concepts.

When your logo is complete we provide you with the final file formats, colors and fonts needed to promote your new logo across the different type of applications. This gives you opportunity and a wider range to use and promote your logo accordingly – so it looks impressive every time.