Social Media Management Services

Boost your Business with Social Media Management Services!

The Power of Professional Social Media Management.

Social Media Management is a highly effective strategy for existing small/medium businesses to boost up their revenues. If you’re ready to adapt this form of Media Management for your business, then you must have a team of professionals having the right expertise to make it happen. At Exatech Incorporated we provide refine services with highly skilled customer service which helps to harness the power of this marketing tool.

Reputation Management

Not being active on social networks only ensures that you do not have the opportunity to thank, defend or contradict comments made by users through that medium. At Exatech Incorporated we carry out a preliminary analysis of your social media profiles to know what is being said about your products or your services on the network. This point is especially relevant because the statistics say that two out of three Internet users decide to buy one of your articles encouraged by the comments of their peers. We keep track of other brands positioning in today’s competitive environment.

Connect with the World

Using social media networks keeps you connected with your customers at multiple levels.  Exatech helps you build a strong business that is taking care of end user while improving your position and growth in market.

Your branding on the internet is very important for your business. Social media is a huge platforms on which people like to share their positive experiences and especially those that have been negative. It is important to communicate with your audience and stay close to them. It’s also a great way to promote your products or make contests that will make your brand known and stand out from your competitors.

For a company or organization, it is imperative to be present on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn etc. In order to develop a better communication and long term relationship with their customers.

For optimal use of available platforms. You have to appear in feed pages and discussions, answer questions and comments from users. In short it is a continuous process that requires time and knowledge. We are proud to say that a large number of customers are entrusting us to handle their social media management.

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Our Process

Our comprehensive SEO strategy ensures increase in ranking in different search engines.

Identify Business Goals

Now a days every forum of social media helps you to strategies and execute the plans to achieve set goals . You simply can’t move forward without knowing end results. At Exatech we cater all your social media management needs in an effective way.

Setting the right Marketing Objectives

Goals aren’t effective if you don’t have specific parameters which define your business target. At Exatech we believe in that it is imperative to set the right marketing objectives in order to get the desired results.

Identifying Authentic Customers

If your business is suffering from low engagement on your social profiles, it’s usually because you don’t have an accurate ideal customer profile. Buyer personas help you define and target the right people, in the right places, at the right times with the right messages.

Research Competition

When it comes to social media marketing, researching your competition not only keeps you abreast of their activity, it gives you an idea of what’s working so you can integrate those successful tactics into your own efforts.

Choose Channels and Tactics

Many businesses create accounts on every popular social media network without researching which platform will bring the most return. At Exatech we help you to identify the right channel strategy and effective tactics through which you can generate business in real sense.

Allocate Budget and Resources

At Exatech we only focus on the budget you have allocated for your digital marketing expenses, we give our best to cater your needs with quality and professional services.

Assigning Roles

Knowing who’s responsible for what increases productivity and avoid confusions and overlapping efforts. At Exatech every member of our team is well aware of their designated roles.